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NALCP Conference: Growler/Crowler Session Was a Hit! Our session on growlers and crowlers was a big hit in New Orleans.  Speaking to nearly a full room, our speakers hit it out of the park.  Attendees were engaged, asking questions, and busily taking notes. Jeremy Rudolf.  Oskar Blues Brewery.  Speaking about the development of the crowler

September 28, 2015

The TTB Issued New Guidance on Kombucha The TTB continues to be interested in kombucha.  The federal agency recently published new guidance.  The term “kombucha” refers to a fermented beverage produced from a mixture of steeped tea and sugar, combined with a culture of yeast strains and bacteria.  Some kombucha products also have fruit juice

June 25, 2015

The Oregon Distillery License Privileges Have Been Changed House Bill 2567 passed the Oregon Legislature earlier this year and became effective June 25, 2015. Inter-distillery Sales Allowed.  Oregon distillery licensees may purchase from, and sell distilled liquor to, another distillery licensee in containers having a capacity greater than one gallon for blending and manufacturing purposes.

June 16, 2015

Brewery-Public House License Privileges Expanded Senate Bill 138 passed the Oregon Legislature earlier this year. Effective January 1, 2016, an Oregon brewery-public house licensee (a “BPH”) is allowed to: (1) distribute malt beverages manufactured at the licensed premises to any other premises licensed to the same licensee, whether a manufacturer, wholesaler, or retail premises, and

November 23, 2014

Portland Bar Academy on Monday December 1, 2014 The Portland Bar Academy (PBA) is a one-day workshop for bar owners, managers, bartenders, servers and security staff. I will be presenting with Rob Hoover (from the Fournier Group) on the top ten OLCC violations, dram shop and general liability, and the relationship between administrative violations and

June 4, 2014

OLCC Privatization Initiative Withdrawn Problems with the drafting of the initiative led to delays in obtaining a final ballot title for the preferred version of the measure.   The primary problem related to references to the word “tax.”  The Oregonians for Competition, proponents of the initiative, wanted the word “tax” replaced with the phrase “revenue

May 23, 2014

New OLCC Rules: What is “Amplified Entertainment”? The OLCC recently enacted two new rules and amended a third applicable to licensed outdoor areas.  The effective date for these changes is June 1, 2014. OAR 845-005-0329.  Licensing Outdoor Areas Not Abutting a Licensed Building. OAR 845-005-0331.  Licensing Outdoor Areas Abutting a Licensed Building. OAR 845-006-0309.  Requirements