Strategic Counseling

Strategic Counseling – NW Alcohol Law

Starting a new business that involves making, selling or distributing alcohol involves understanding how best to navigate the alcohol regulatory landscape. We help businesses that are entering this heavily regulated area for the first time develop a strategic plan to ensure a smooth entry into space. We also help existing businesses innovate with their products and services while remaining in compliance with state and federal law.

I’ve assisted new businesses take advantage of changes in the regulatory framework that resulted in new business opportunities and profits. I’ve also helped existing businesses successfully introduce alcohol into their existing locations to add a new revenue stream. Finally, I’ve helped businesses obtain regulatory approvals for their new products or services so that they could confidently introduce their products and services in the Pacific Northwest and licensed businesses could confidently buy them without worrying about compliance issues. Making sense of the alcohol regulatory environment is an essential step before starting a business in this space. What might seem like a common sense business practice in another field may inadvertently cause serious problems for a regulated business.