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My name is Duke Tufty and I am an alcohol regulatory attorney at Northwest Alcohol Law, a law firm in Portland, Oregon.  This is my blog where I share interesting information that I think will be helpful to businesses that make, sell or distribute alcohol. I understand the alcohol regulatory landscape in Oregon and Washington and regularly help businesses achieve their business goals in compliance with the applicable regulations.

Before attending law school, I developed first hand experience in the restaurant industry by worked at restaurants across the country.  I enjoyed my time in the industry and it helped support my higher education pursuits. This gives me a practical understanding of the challenges of operating a business with many moving parts in a highly regulated environment.

Bourbon on the rocks

My practice focuses on helping businesses that sell or make alcohol understand the regulatory environment, obtain the right set of licenses and permits, stay in compliance, and defend their licenses and permits when necessary. I also assist businesses obtain, maintain, and defend their retailer contracts from the Oregon State Lottery. If you have a business in Oregon and Washington that involves alcohol, or are interested in starting one, I’d be happy to talk to you about your business goals.

My licensing practice includes bars, restaurants, hotels, grocery stores, convenience stores, gas stations, golf courses, airlines, cruise ships, breweries, wineries, distilleries, and any other business that requires a state liquor license and/or federal permit.

I regularly help clients to resolve administrative violations and, after resolving the violation, to develop house policies and best practices for avoiding future violations.  The second step is just as important as the first because the sanctions become progressively more sever for subsequent violations.  While many violations can be settled, it is important for licensees to understand the pros and cons of taking their case to a hearing and having an attorney with experience conducting OLCC hearings.