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Oregon Joins the Bandwagon Prohibiting Powdered Alcohol

Oregon Joins the Bandwagon Prohibiting Powdered Alcohol

The Oregon Legislature passed a pre-emptive ban on sales of powdered alcohol earlier this year.  They were worried that the substance could fall into the hands of unruly teenagers.

Powdered alcohol is a freeze-dried dust (think Crystal Light or Tang) that turns into a cocktail when water is added.  Palcohol, the company behind the idea, designed it as a way for campers, backpackers, and airline travelers to pack a lightweight cocktail for the journey, but creative teens were thought to have more creative uses in mind.

It comes in powdered rum, vodka, “Powderita,” and cosmopolitan mixes.  Sales in the U.S. will begin sometime this summer, according to the company’s website.  Despite its ambiguous potential, lawmakers worry the product could make it easier for teenagers to sneak adult beverages or to snort the alcoholic powder. Six states have already banned it (and that number will likely go up), and lawmakers in 28 others are considering similar bills (very likely to go up).

Change your camping plans accordingly.