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NALCP Conference: Growler/Crowler Session Was a Hit!

NALCP Conference: Growler/Crowler Session Was a Hit!

Our session on growlers and crowlers was a big hit in New Orleans.  Speaking to nearly a full room, our speakers hit it out of the park.  Attendees were engaged, asking questions, and busily taking notes.

Thank you so much!

Attendees learned about the difference between growlers and crowlers, the regulatory issues presented by selling them, the scope and nature of the license privileges related to growlers and crowlers, the varied regulatory landscape across jurisdictions, the public safety issues presented by growlers, and best practices in setting up a growler/crowler business.

Another big thank you to Jeremy and Meg and Oskar Blues for bringing a crowler machine to the conference and demoing it with hundreds of cans with the NALCP logo at the trade show.

Oregon and Washington continue to be pioneers in the growler and crowler arena.  This success has been driven in part by the OLCC and WSLCB, thoughtful laws and rules, engaged industry groups and members, and the innovative alcohol beverage businesses in the Pacific Northwest.

Looking forward to next year’s conference in San Diego!

UO Annual Law of Beer & Wine Event

UO Annual Law of Beer & Wine Event

I had the pleasure of sharing my knowledge of beer and wine law with a fantastic group of UO law students last night.  We had an engaging discussion of the practice of law in this space, common legal concerns of businesses in this space, and current issues of interest.

I’d like to thank my co-panelists for their contributions to the success of the event:

I also enjoyed sticking around for the next panel and appreciated the experience and hard earned wisdom shared by Mark Williams—the owner of Oregon Wine Lab—and Edward Fus—owner of Angel Vine.  After listening to Mark and Ed, I’ll be stopping by their tasting rooms soon and recommend you do the same!

I hope that the students got as much out of the presentations and Q&A sessions as I did.