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NALCP Conference: Growler/Crowler Session Was a Hit! Our session on growlers and crowlers was a big hit in New Orleans.  Speaking to nearly a full room, our speakers hit it out of the park.  Attendees were engaged, asking questions, and busily taking notes. Jeremy Rudolf.  Oskar Blues Brewery.  Speaking about the development of the crowler

July 13, 2015

Liquor Liability Insurance: Proposed Rulemaking On April 25, 2014, The OLCC voted to initiate action to amend OAR 845-005-0400.  The rule governs the OLCC’s requirements for certain on-premises licensees to maintain liquor liability insurance.  The existing rule is excerpted below. The primary changes proposed by the initial rulemaking include the following: Revised Penalty Schedule for

November 23, 2014

Portland Bar Academy on Monday December 1, 2014 The Portland Bar Academy (PBA) is a one-day workshop for bar owners, managers, bartenders, servers and security staff. I will be presenting with Rob Hoover (from the Fournier Group) on the top ten OLCC violations, dram shop and general liability, and the relationship between administrative violations and

March 21, 2014

OLCC Priority Violations.  There are 1000’s of licensed businesses in Oregon.  This can be great for Oregonians, but can present a real challenge to the OLCC in terms of monitoring them for compliance.  The OLCC must decide each day how to allocate its enforcement officers and focus its efforts across the state.  In order to

February 23, 2014

The OLCC dismissed two “permitting” violations in Bradley’s Bar & Grill.  In doing so, the case provides some useful guidance to existing licensees. The Law.  “Permitting” violations requires that the OLCC show two elements.  The first element is a showing that the licensee had knowledge of the proscribed activity.  The second element is a showing

February 5, 2014

Age Verification Equipment (“AVE”): Should You Agree to Use It to Resolve an OLCC Violation? The AVE Option. ORS 471.392 allows the OLCC to use AVE as a tool to reduce underage drinking and helps licensees demonstrate that they are responsible business owners. OAR 845-009-0140 allows a licensee to purchase and use AVE in lieu