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January 26, 2014

I attended the last of the OLCC’s Retail Innovations meetings on Friday January 24, 2014 and privatization was not surprisingly the main topic of discussion. The meeting took place just following the OLCC’s Commission Meeting at their main offices. Importantly, it was the first meeting since the Northwest Grocery Association filed the first of many

December 16, 2013

We live in interesting times. Following the privatization of the Washington State Liquor Control Board in 2011/2012, many have anticipated that a similar initiative would follow in Oregon. The OLCC itself anticipated such a move and tried to provide an alternative through a Retail Innovations Task Force that it initiated. The Task Force brought together

December 10, 2013

Governor Kizthaber recently appointed Marvin Revoal to the Oregon Liquor Control Commission Board of Directors and the Senate confirmed the appointment. Marvin was sworn in today at the OLCC’s Commission meeting. The OLCC has been operating with only four commissioners for some time now. The 4th Congressional District position has been vacant, but is now

September 11, 2013

Oregon licensees may elect to purchase age verification equipment (“AVE”) instead of receiving the standard sanction for a first or second Category III or III(a) under certain circumstances.  The licensee must purchase and use the AVE in order to qualify for the reduced sanction.  The change clarifies the definition of “equipment” and does not represent

September 10, 2013

The OLCC is in the process of clarifying and streamlining its rules that specify when the agency has a basis to deny a service permit application and when “good cause” exists for overcoming such denial criteria. The proposed changes are consistent with the OLCC’s regulatory goals and should not be unduly burdensome to future service