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OLCC Rulemaking: Proposal for Biennial Liquor Licenses Makes Sense

ORLA’s proposal for biennial liquor licenses makes sense. The Oregon Restaurant and Lodging Association recently proposed a rule change that would give Oregon licensees the option to obtain a liquor license with a two year term, rather than a one year term. This is a good idea and makes sense because it will result in time and administrative savings for both licensees and the OLCC. The licensing fees are the same in either case. The fee for a biennial license would simply be double the fee for an annual license.

The rule change has a safe guard that would prevent certain licensees for which the local government recommended against renewing their license from obtaining a biennial license. In addition, local governments, citizens, and anyone else negatively impacted by a licensee’s operation can always reach out to the OLCC or local law enforcement with their concerns.

The comment period for this proposed rule change is December 26, 2013. For more information, click here.