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OLCC Rulemaking: OBWDA Seeks Modest Increase in Allowance for Supplier Provided Bins and Racks

The Oregon Beer & Wine Distributors Association recently initiated OLCC rulemaking to increase the allowed cost for a bin or rack provided by an alcohol supplier to an Oregon licensed retailer. Oregon’s tied house laws prohibit alcohol suppliers from providing bins or racks to retailers absent an exception. The proposed rulemaking increases the allowed cost from $100 to $200. While such as increase may appear steep at first glance, increases to the cost are fairly infrequent due to the time and resources required to go through the rulemaking process. As anyone who buys things knows, costs are always going up. This change makes sense because it will allow suppliers the reasonable opportunity to promote their products by providing quality bins and racks to Oregon retailers subject to the existing requirements and safeguards.

The comment period ends on January 6, 2014. You can find the petition and related information here.