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NALCP Conference in New Orleans: Great First Day

NALCP Conference in New Orleans: Great First Day

We just wrapped up the first day of the educational programing for the National Association of Licensing and Compliance Professionals (“NALCP”) Conference in New Orleans!  Who dat?

The first day’s agenda was packed with interesting content.  Most notably for the Pacific Northwest, Rick Garza–the director of the Washington State Liquor and Cannabis Board–discussed trade practice issues that have recently come to light in Washington.  He described the Board’s renewed focus on trade practice issues in Washington resulting from both recent occurrences in Washington and trends nationwide.

In short, licensees at all three tiers in Washington should consider themselves on notice that the Board will be investigating how they interact in marketing and promoting their alcohol beverage products.  For example, Washington retailers should be wary of receiving money or money’s worth from suppliers or distributors unless clearly covered by a statutory exception, or letting suppliers or distributors take a material role in determining the marketing or arranging of alcohol inventory at their location.  These are just two examples of potential trade practice related issues.

After focusing on the role out of cannabis in Washington for the last several years, Washington licensees should be prepared for a renewed focus by the Board on alcohol regulatory compliance issues.

Now, the conference turns toward its social agenda for the evening.  Northwest Alcohol Law is the proud sponsor of Colin Lake–the musical entertainer for tonight’s meet and greet.  We’re then heading to John Besh‘s Borgne for dinner followed by a night cap at Legacy Kitchen.  Let me know if anyone has a suggestion for late night entertainment in NOLA.