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Monthly Archives: May 2014

New OLCC Rules: What is “Amplified Entertainment”? The OLCC recently enacted two new rules and amended a third applicable to licensed outdoor areas.  The effective date for these changes is June 1, 2014. OAR 845-005-0329.  Licensing Outdoor Areas Not Abutting a Licensed Building. OAR 845-005-0331.  Licensing Outdoor Areas Abutting a Licensed Building. OAR 845-006-0309.  Requirements

May 23, 2014

OSU’s Craft Brewery Startup Workshop II: Great to Meet Aspiring Craft Brewers.   Oregon State University hosted a Craft Brewery Startup Workshop in Portland, Oregon from May 10-13, 2014.  This workshop focused on moving forward with brewery logistics including beer brewing equipment needs and planning for brewery supplies, sourcing, legalities, distribution and marketing strategies for

May 13, 2014

OLCC Names William Higlin as New Licensing Director. William Higlin starts as the OLCC Director of Licensing on May 12, 2014.  Higlin replaces Farshad Allahdadi who left the OLCC in February and is now the Retail Contracts Manager at the Oregon State Lottery. Higlin has substantial state government and private industry experience.  He spent 15

May 12, 2014