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Monthly Archives: October 2013

Alcohol Regulatory Law: 21st Century Issues I gave a presentation today to Lewis & Clark Law School’s Business Law Society on the history of alcohol regulation in the US and the issues that are relevant today. We had a lively discussion of the modernization and/or privatization of the OLCC, the role of the initiative process,

October 28, 2013

The fourth item on the Commissioner’s agenda today is “Administration” and includes the Appointment of Executive Director/Administrator. The fact that no one’s name is listed on the agenda does not mean this will be a surprise. It is no secret that Steve Marks will likely be appointed as the new Executive Director of the OLCC

October 24, 2013

The NALCP conference in Savannah, Georgia started with an outline of Georgia’s tied house laws today. Many attendees arrived yesterday and gathered informally in Savannah last night. Many were surprised to find out that Savannah allows open containers in its historic district. What’s not to love? The NALCP also launched their new website. A great

October 2, 2013

All the talk about the general public not noticing the government shutdown is just talk for anyone that hopes to open a winery, brewery, distillery or any other business that requires a TTB approval in the near future. The TTB has shutdown its Permits Online and has given notice that its staff will not be

October 2, 2013